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Handsome hairy footballer Alex Gibson gives sexy smooth muscle lad Justin Harris a good seeing to as he gets his thick girthy uncut dick deepthroated to the base, then deep fingers Justins hole, before pounding his muscle butt hard in three positions.. Strong, intense, horny action. The lads start off in a conservatory, in shiny sports kit and football socks. They kiss, getting a feel of each other bodies, Alex is dark, hairy and defined, Justin is smooth with a hot muscle body. They reach down to grope each other, neither of them is wearing underwear, only shorts, and it only takes a few seconds before both lads are sporting tent pole stiffies poking through their shorts..They takes off their tops, taking turns licking and sucking on each others hard nipples as they rub and squeeze each others solid cocks through the fabric of their shorts.. unable to hold off any longer, Alex first reaches inside Justins shorts, to pull out his juicy uncut cock, moist with precum.. then Justin does the same, pulling out Alexs throbbing thick uncut meat.. Justin gets down onto his knees and begins slowly pleasuring that fat dick with his mouth, getting it really wet with plenty of spit, then sucking with long slow firm strokes. Clearly loving it, Alex starts to push his dick in a bit deeper now, and fucks Justins mouth.. Then Justin takes a breath, opens his mouth wide, and takes in as much of that thick cock as he can, forcing himself to the base of it, getting it right to the back of his throat. Alex moans with pleasure as Justin deepthroats him a few times, then Alex pushes it deep down and holds it there.. Extremely hot.Next, the lads are in a different room, on a sofa, with Justin sitting back as Alex lays on his side to suck Justin for a bit, and proves he is a pretty good sucker too, and his dick continues to throb the entire time he sucks. Justin reaches for it to jerk him off slowly as he gets sucked. Alex is keen to experience those amazing oral skills again, so its not long before Justin is slurping on his meaty girth, sucking firm and deep, jerking him off, and keeping that cock rock solid, then letting Alex fuck his mouth hard and fast..Aching to get his meat into Justins smooth arse, Alex works on it for a bit with his fingers as Justin lays back. His hole is wet with spit, Alex rubs the spit in gently, then slides two fingers in, pushing them in deep, all the way, then sliding them in and out for a bit, making Justin moan with pleasure as he stretches his hole, preparing him for some fat dick fuck action.Justin loves nothing better, and for the first position, they lay on their sides on the sofa, spoons type position, Justin holding his leg back giving Alex easy access, and us a great view... Alex teases his hole for a bit, then pushes his dick in, slow, all the way to the base. As it goes in Justins dick throbs and twitches as it hits the spot.. Alex starts to fuck slow at first with long steady strokes, but its not lon before he speeds up, gripping Justins leg, to give that hungry hole a good pounding..Next, Alex is sitting back, holding his dick upright, and Justin lowers himself onto it, sliding his hole down the meaty fuck pole, riding it a bit, taking it all in, then Alex grips his arse to hold him up so he can thrust into him, giving him another athletic pounding.. he varies the speed a bit, but keeps the fucking strong and hard. Not quite done yet, Justin is on his back now, and with both lads ready to shoot their loads, they quickly get back into some deep hard thrusting, with Alex plunging his dick in and pulling it all the way before plowing it back in, giving Justins arse a major work out, then banging him hard.. Its not long before Justin is reaching for his dick and jerking himself off.. With Alex pounding strong and steady, it only takes a minute before Justin is squirty spunk strong and fast clear up his chest and all across his bulging sweaty abs.. The sight of this pushes Alex over the edge, and he quickly whips off the condom to aim his dick over Justin, and a second later the spunk starts spraying, several spurts of hot liquid jizz all over Justin chest, leaving him seriously cum drenched.. Both cum shots are so good, we see them in horny slow motion.. The lads squeeze out the last few drops, then Alex leans down to give Justin a final kiss, as they catch their breath.

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