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Young blonde lad Jack James has a cute, twinky type look, with piercing green eyes and a fit, totally smooth body. Wearing sports kit, groping himself, he strips down his sports jockstrap, with hard bulge, and starts fingering himself. Stripping off, he plays with arse plenty more, in different positions, before shooting his hot jizz over himself. Jack starts off on the sofa, in sports vest and shiny red sport shorts, which are very short, and bare feet. He starts to grope himself, giving us lots of frequent looks to camera, which seems to turn him on. It doesnt take long before his bulge looks rock hard in his shorts. He takes off his vest revealing his nicely muscled body, totally smooth chest, with pierced nipples, which he tweaks and plays with. He grips and gropes the solid bulge in his shorts some more, before taking them off, leaving him in nothing but his sports jockstrap. As one hand strokes his throbbing bulge, the other moves down between his legs, and he starts rubbing his hairless hole. He shifts position getting his legs back, reaching underneath to grip his butt cheeks, which he pulls apart to show us his hole. Jack starts probing at his hole with his finger before pushing it in.. he plays with his hole a little, then removes his jock. His dick is rock solid, and uncut, and he plays with it gently as he works on his hole, sliding his finger in and out, making him moan with pleasure. After some horny ass action, Jack stands up, then leans against the side of the sofa, and reaches under one leg so he can finger himself some more.. his finger slides in easily, and as Jack works on his hole, his cock throbs and twitches, and he carries on stroking it and jerking off. We get some very hot graphic close ups from underneath, fans of twinks and arse are gonna love this. Jack moves back to the sofa now, and continues fingering himself as he plays with his stiff dick. He pushes in a second finger, to really stretch that hole, then fingers himself with two fingers together.. this seems to turn him on bigtime, his cock is rock solid throughout this, and he seems to be close to the edge.. After a bit more horny fingering action, Jack starts to jerk off harder.. and it doesnt take long before his hard cock is spewing hot milky jizz out over his tummy.. as he pumps more spunk out, it dribbles down over his fingers, leaving him with a big pool of cum on his belly as he catches his breath and gives us a final horny look.

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